Massage Therapy & Energy Bodywork in San Diego

Experience the difference caring, education, and skill make when they come together to integrate Body, Mind, & Spirit. Through the use of different therapeutic massage techniques I'm able to target your needs and by working together we can achieve your goals of being more relaxed, feeling better, and live more freely.

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To achieve this I use different methods to help you with your healing.
These include Massage Therapy (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Techniques, ect),
Chinese Medicine --- Energy Bodywork (Yin Style Bagua, Acupressure, Tui na, Thai massage),
Visionary Craniosacral Work and Shamanic Energy Healing

Qualifications & Rates

I am an internationally trained massage therapist and energy bodyworker.
Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner (both eastern and western modalities) from Mueller College of Holistic Studies under the teaching of Bill Mueller
Nationally certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
and a Certified Massage Therapist by the State of California (CMT# 2957)

Certified in Thai Massage from the Traditional Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Studied in China with Dr. Xie Peiqi. He was the last in the line of practictornes who knew the Energy-Bodywork system of Yin Style Bagua (Chinese Medicine, Bodywork & Internal Cultivation)
Diploma in Visionary Craniosacral Work from the Milne Institute

Certified in Luminous Healing, Rites of Passage and Soul Retrieval by Dr. Alberto Villoldo and
The Four Winds Society

Master's degree in Psysical Education/Exercise Science from the University of Rhode Island.

Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Instutite.

I'm an contracted by Silverado Hospice to provide Massage Therapy to their patients.
In addition to my holistic health practice, I am a psychotherapist, a licensed marriage & family therapist (MFC# 52696) with a private practice and work for a San Diego County funded mental health agency.
I am a trainer of sexual health in mental health and recovery for the County of San Diego and an instructor in the Clinical Counseling Department at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

All that I am, I bring to the session, so that your needs may be met. The goal of our session is to bring and maintain your body, mind and Spirit into a place of flexibility, harmony and balance.


My rates are as follows: (all prices are for an office visit)

Energy Bodywork ----- which includes :
Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Techniques,
Performance Massage, Acupressure, Tui Na
1 hour		$ 85.00
1  hour	$125.00
Thai Massage
1  hour	$125.00
Visionary Craniosacral Work
1  hour	$125.00
Shamanic Energy Work
1  hour	$125.00
Body-Centered Psychotherapy
1- 1  hour	$125.00

..............Prepaid Package Rates...............

5- 1 hour sessions for $375.00 (saving of $50.00)

5- 1 and a half-hour sessions for $550.00 (saving $75.00)

I accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards
I am available by appointment only on the following days and times:

Monday	 	9 am - 7 pm
Tuesday	 	9 am - 7 pm
Friday 		9 am - 7 pm
Saturday	9 am - 5 pm (except for the 2nd Saturday of the month I'm voluteering at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park)
This is subject to change.


Hey!!! How can I get on that table?

Want to make an appointment? Have any questions?

Call me at 619-208-7654...... OR


My Snail Mail Address is:
928 Fort Stockton Dr. #112
San Diego, CA 92103

See a map of my office

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Types of Bodywork I do.

I usually will use a combination of the following techniques depending on the results you want to achieve.
Remember you are in charge of the massage.

* What is Massage
* Massage Therapy
* Chinese Medicine -- Energy Bodywork
* Visionary Craniosacral Work
* Shamanic Energy Work
* Professional Associations

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What is Massage?

Massage is the instinctive act to touch, rub, or knead different parts of the body when there is pain or discomfort can probably be traced back to the beginning of human evolution. Many different kinds of mammals will rub themselves with their paws or lick wounds that hurt them. With our superior intelligence, we learn to memorize, differentiate, and systematize out ways of touching and their effects on our body; hence, various systems of Massage developed.

The earliest historical records of massage appear to be from China over 5,000 years ago during the reign of the Yellow Emperor, Huang-Ti. Recommendations for massage as a means of helping the body to heal itself also appeared in the Indian book of Ayur Veda around 1800 B.C. There are also numerous references to the benefits and uses of massage in the medical literature of many other cultures around the world. Even in the Bible there are many references to the "laying-on-of-hands" as a method of curing sickness (taken from Sombat Tapanya, Traditional Thai Massage, 1993)


Massage Therapy

This includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Techniques, and Performance Massage.
Swedish -
Based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology. Swedish massage uses traditional techniques of effleurage, petrissage, vibration, and friction. This massage can be slow and gentle, vigorous or bracing depending on the results desired.
Deep Tissue -
Refers to various massage styles that are directed toward the deeper tissue of the muscle. Some techniques focus on the physiological release of tension while others use body work with psychological release.
Neuromuscular Techniques -
These techniques help normalize the neuro-muscular component of any dysfunction. The areas worked are soft-tissue structures, which have an altered feel and sensitivity to pressure. These techniques include; muscle energy techniques, PNF, strain-counterstrain, trigger points, skin rolling and stretching.
Performance Massage -
This is geared towards people who are active in sports, working out or just have an active lifestyle. The massage techniques are designed to enhance athletic and artistic performance, reduce and prevent injuries, and complement an active lifestyle. The massage includes stretches, reduces tight areas, reduce tension and increase flexibility.
Benefits of Massage Therapy :
Balances Blood Pressure
Brings Balance to your Body, Mind & Spirit
Helps in Healing
Increased Metabolism
Improves Circulation of Blood & Lymph
Improves Feeling of Well-Being
Improves Function
Reduces Tension and Tension Related Problems
Relief from Fatigue
Relaxation & Renewed Energy
Relaxed & Refreshed Muscles
Relieves Stress
Removes Pain

Chinese Medicine -- Energy Bodywork

This includes Yin Style Bagua (Acupressure, Tui Na) and Thai Massage
Yin Style Bagua -- Energy Bodywork -
This is a unique style of work from a Chinese martial, medical and internal arts system called Yin-Style Bagua (YSB). I have been practicing the medical and internal arts of YSB since 1996, including studying in China. It combines acupressure and tui na forms of bodywork, but the difference is that this method emphasizes "qi first then strength". One of the distinguishing characteristics of YSB is the strength and sensitivity of qi required. To achieve this YSB has a qigong (or more specifically dao yin) practice designed specifically for bodyworkers to cultivate qi and enhance the sensitivity of the practitioner.
YSB Historical Perspective
Acupressure -
Is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine for assessing and treating the physical and energetic body. Acupressure employs various methods of stimulating points in order to regulate qi (life force energy),
Tui Na (pronounced 'twee-nah') -
Is based on Chinese Medicine principles using various forms of hand techniques such as pressing, rubbing, rolling, vibration, scrubbing, pushing, grabbing and others techniques to regulate qi in the body. When qi is free flowing there is no more pain.
Thai Massage -
This ancient form of body therapy incorporates the movements of yoga and the acupressure meridians to create a complete and unique healing art form. It is practiced on a floor mat with the client fully clothed.
Plan on 1 and a half hour massage.
Benefits of Chinese Medicine --- Energy Bodywork :
Brings Balance to your Body, Mind & Spirit
Eliminate or balance pathogenic factors (internal - emotions and/or external - cold, heat, damp, ect)
Helps in Healing
Balances Qi
Improves Circulation of Blood & Lymph
Improves Feeling of Well-Being
Balances Yin / Yang Energy
Reduces Tension and Tension Related Problems
Relief from Fatigue
Relaxation & Renewed Energy
Relaxed & Refreshed Muscles
Relieves Stress
Removes Pain

Visionary Craniosacral Work

Visionary Craniosacral work combines sensitive, hands-on bodywork with meditative use of the inner eye and inner ear. Techniques from three principal traditions: osteopathy, energy work, and Taoism. A supremely gentle approach, it is a way of "doing non-doing". It honors both the analytic understanding of how things happen and the intuitive perception of how things really are. Craniosacral work allows the soul a way of expressing its needs. Combined, the soul can be touched and real healing occur.

Plan on a 1 and a half hour session.

Visionary Craniosacral Work can also help the following:
Deeply Relaxing
Helps with TMJ dysfunction (jaw problems)
Helps with many types of headaches
Helps with trauma (physical, emotional and spiritual)
Helps with emotional difficulties
Helps with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue
Helps with whiplash
Helps with back pain
Allows the soul to journey

Shamanic Energy Work

Energy medicine works on the emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma from your life. This trauma becomes imprinted in your luminous field. Your luminous field informs your psychological reality. Luminous Healing clears the imprints of disease from your Luminous Energy Field. This work enhances your immune system and accelerates your healing process.
This work includes:
Luminous Healing ,
Energy Extraction ,
Soul Retrieval , and
the death rites to assist in spirit-passing.
This work all begins with the Luminous Healing, then together we move to the other parts if needed.
Plan on a 1 and a half hour for a session. The fee for this work is $125.00.
Benefits of Shamanic Energy Therapy:
Clears the imprints of disease from the Luminous Energy Field
Helps to accelerate the healing from physical and emotional trauma
Helps to lessen the chance of illness from expressing itself physically
Enhances the immune system,
An opportunity to heal ancient soul wounds
Accelerates the healing process
Helps the soul to pass to the after life
Luminous Healing
Luminous Healing clears the imprints of disease from the Luminous Energy Field. It prevents illness from expressing itself physically, enhances the immune system, and accelerates the healing process. The practices allow us to enter domains of extraordinary possibility described by quantum physics and by ancient mythologies. Every emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma that we have ever endured is etched in the Luminous Energy Field as if in a blueprint. It holds a record of every physical ailment we will experience, displaying the imprints of disease months and often years before it manifests in the body. Its fields inform our psychological reality as well, expressing "karma," or challenging life situations that afford us an opportunity to heal ancient soul wounds.
Energy Extraction
Another person's energy can penetrate our luminous fields like a thunderbolt and thrust itself into the physical body. These energies are intrusive; they do not belong to us. Our Luminous Energy Field recognizes them as foreign, and, generally, will successfully eradicate them in the same way that the immune system eliminates foreign bacteria. In some instances, however, for example when we feel exhausted or our energy is depleted, the defense systems of the luminous body can be overwhelmed. It is then that an intrusive energy can embed itself in the physical body. Intrusive energies do not respond completely to the Illumination Process because their energy has become too dense. These hardened energies must be extracted. They can only be extracted, however, after the energy holding them in the physical body has been removed through an Illumination.
Soul Retrieval
During Soul Retrieval the healer journeys to the Lower World, the domains associated with the Soul and with what Carl Jung described as the Shadow, inhabited by those parts of ourselves that we have disowned. The healer visits the four chambers of the Soul to assist the client to discover the source of their woundedness; to understand the Soul promises that they have made, even before they were born; to claim the source of their passion and bliss; and to discover the Soul treasures that they can later bring forth into the world. Soul Retrieval can accomplish in a few sessions what can sometimes take years to achieve in psychotherapy.

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